Sgoil Chiùil na Gàidhealtachd.
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Plockton High School

Relations with our host school, Plockton High School, are excellent, and our students’ academic achievement is as important to us as their music. All of the Centre students are encouraged to take as full a part in the general life of the school as possible, although in the case of a clash of interests their music activities take precedence.

The students of the Traditional Music Centre are completely integrated into school life, and the Centre is widely regarded as an asset to the school.

The school roll is around 300 including students from Centre. The current rector of the High School is Mrs Susan Galloway (pictured).

This message from the previous rector, Duncan Ferguson, will give you a good idea of the ethos of the school.

“What we expect of our pupils can be expressed quite simply. We expect them to work hard and behave well. I feel sure the standards applied in that statement are standards very similar to those expected by parents within the family.

We do our best to meet the needs of each individual within the school and in turn we expect each individual to do his/her best to complete all tasks satisfactorily. I would urge parents to ensure that their child takes every opportunity to participate in the life of the school, giving full attention to classwork and to extra-curricular activities so that he/she derives full benefit from all that is on offer in our school. Parental support is invaluable in encouraging youngsters to become involved in new activities and to persevere with activities which are proving difficult.

Communication between home and school is, in my opinion, the most important issue. Please do not sit at home wondering or worrying about what is happening at Plockton High School. Come and ask. A telephone call is often sufficient and clarification from the teacher is always safer than relying on pupil responses!”

School website: Plockton High School

Aims of the School

1. To develop the school as a place of education. This means that the School will provide learning opportunities by way of suitable courses and teaching in order that pupils may acquire and develop the self-confidence and skills necessary for a smooth transition to post-school life.

2. To provide opportunities and challenges to staff to develop their expertise and skills subject always to the importance of aim one above. This means that all management & administrative procedures have as their objective the provision of the framework within which staff can work efficiently and happily. It also implies that the best possible use will be made of staff and accommodation.

3. To encourage and develop liaison with all sectors of the community in an endeavour to ensure that young people are given maximum opportunity to exercise their leadership potential, their sense of responsibility and their caring feelings and to foster in the community a sense of identity with the school.
Mrs Susan Galloway

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