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16. What’s the Music School curriculum like?

General information regarding the structure of the curriculum is available in the enclosed Prospectus. You should however note the following points:

• Individual Instruction
All NCETM students study two disciplines, and receive one period per week of individual instruction in each of these disciplines. These two periods are classroom extraction periods, and every effort is made to minimise the disruption this inevitably causes. You will have to catch up on any work you have missed in your own time.

• Groupwork
Groupwork is an integral part of the Centre’s activities. It is important that you realise the degree of commitment to other students that this involves, and are willing to treat Groupwork with the same level of importance as your individual study.

• Practice
You are expected to do a minimum of one hour’s practice, split between your two studies, each night from Monday to Thursday. This is part of the Music School curriculum, but it cannot be overemphasised that this is a minimum amount. Most people who have reached a standard good enough to gain a place here already practise at least that amount anyway.

• Performances
We attempt to spread performance opportunities as evenly as possible between students. The final decision as to who does any given performance rests with the Director and is dependent on a number of factors, including amount of school missed, suitability for the requirements of the performance, etc. You should again note that the onus is on you to catch up on any school work or work given to them by their tutors.

• Recording
As well as recording a commercial CD every year, there are various ways in which you can make use of our in-house recording facilities, one of the most common being making your own album as an S6 project. We encourage students to become as familiar as possible with recording, and many students say this is the most enjoyable part of their experience here.

• Time Management
Perhaps the most important thing we expect form our students is that they have the ability to manage their own time responsibly, and to inform the NCETM office of any planned absences. The timetable system used varies from week to week to take account of tutors’ and students’ other commitments. This means that the timetable must be very flexible, and depends heavily on good communication between you and the office.

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