Sgoil Chiùil na Gàidhealtachd.
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Workshop tutors

These people have done Music Weekends or workshops – some have been more than once. They are listed in chronological order of their first visit. Tutors listed in the 'Full Tutor List' page may also have provided workshops, though not mentioned here. The Director apologies for any omissions – they are purely his responsibility.

Corrina Hewat, David Milligan, Michael Marra, Kathleen Graham, Tony McManus, Alyth McCormack, Mary McMaster, Alasdair Fraser, Paul Machlis, Cliar, Back of the Moon, Dannsa, Fred Morrison, Ross Martin, Ann and Charlie Heymann, Susie Petrov, Hollis Easter, Nancy Groce, Beolach, Clan Terra, Eira Lynn Jones, David Sumblow, Kieron Means, Jimmy MacBeath, Geordie MacIntyre, Colcannon, Donald Black, Malcolm Jones, Andrea Larsson Attanasio, John Goldie, Iain Fraser, Iain Lowthian, Christine Hanson, Marc Clement, Anne Martin, The Chris Norman Ensemble, Rod Cameron, Simon Bradley, Luke Plumb, Steve Kaufman, Sandy Stanage, Savourna Stevenson, Chris Stout, Fraser Fifield, Catriona MacKay, Malcolm Stitt, Dochas, Anna Massie, Jenn Butterworth, Mairearaid Green, Sandra Joyce, Kath Campbell, Fraser Stone, Angus Grant, Peter Daffy, Tony Ellis, Doris Rougvie, Terry Day, Sylvia Barnes, Margaret Bennett, Aaron Jones, Claire Mann, Billy Jones, Barbara Dymmock, Scot Gardiner, Geordie Murison, Joe Aitken, Donna MacRae, Martin Hadden, Matt Seattle, Christine Primrose, John Carmichael, Val Bryan, Paul Anderson, Shona Donaldson, Maeve MacKinnon, Frank McLaughlin, Ali Hutton, Willie Beaton, Mairi Sine Chaimbeul, Wilfar Mathieson, Neil MacRae, Duncan MacInnes, Tim Kliphuis and Swing, Karen McAulay, Tom Spiers, Jamie Laval, Michael Bryan, Andy Irvine.

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